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Reference SRD/MG_07
Short Name
ETSI Workitem
ETSI Deliverable
Subject Future spectrum for UHF SRD (incl. automotive), RFID, Smart Metering, Smart Grids, Alarms and Social Alarms applications
Related WI SE24_61
Scope Study future spectrum needs
Deliverable ECC Report
Responsible group WG FM - SRD/MG
Start date 20-05-2010
Target date 25-02-2022
Public Consultation 29-10-2021
Regular Work Item False

The SRD/MG was tasked by WG FM to study SRD applications in data networks  (NBN, UNB, LPWAN-CSS).

Worked by
Contact Robin Donoghue (
Status In Progress
Triggered By Triggered by 8 ETSI SRDocs as well as input from UHF questionnaire and presentations from the workshop. Also related to EC mandate on SRD. 
Progress Report

WG FM#91 (May 2018) endorsed conclusions and clarifications for UHF studies, including new studies) in SE24 from SRD/MG to WGSE and SE24 with modifications. This concerns SE24_WI61, existing and new studies for UHF SRD.

The ECC meeting in July 2018 endorsed the ECC SG conclusion (ECC(18)054) that the ongoing activities related to the frequency ranges 870 - 876 MHz and 915 - 921 MHz should not cause a negative impact on the balance which is being achieved within Rscom between SRD, Defense and railways. The stability of the framework should be kept.

WG FM#92 (September 2018): With regard to the request from WG SE to provide clarifications on the issues of studies within work item SE24_69 (additional studies for the spectrum in-between the RFID interrogator channels), WG FM decided to task SRD/MG to discuss this at the next meeting and not to reply to WG SE at this stage. The proponents of such an additional study item are encouraged to provide additional information to the SRD/MG to address the concerns of those which see the priority in keeping the existing balance between low power SRD and 500mW SRD data networks. The WG FM chairman expressed that he sees a clear distinction between technical studies in SE24 on one hand and, on the other hand, whether or not study results would be used for any harmonisation later on, which could change the balance between the various applications concerned, this is a different discussion and study results could be useful in this regard. WG FM noted that the proposal is now limited to the upper band 915-919.4 MHz (input from the United Kingdom, doc. FM(18)163).Finland supported the proposal from UK.France presented in their input document(FM(18)171) detailed considerations why the current balance should be kept.Switzerland and Italy supported the views provided by France.

The subject is not time-critical since any studies in this regard will fall within the 8th update cycle, SRD/MG is requested to report back to the next WG FM with a proposal for the requested feedback to WGSE / SE24.

WG FM #95 at its meeting 10 to 14 February 2020 agreed to extend the WI until February 2022.