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Work Item details
Reference PT1_SWG_C_11
Short Name
ETSI Workitem
ETSI Deliverable
Subject SEAMCAT enhancements
Related WI
Scope To keep the SEAMCAT functionalities under periodical review in order to make it usable for the needs of ECC PT1
Deliverable Other
Responsible group ECC PT1 - SWG-C
Public Consultation
Regular Work Item True

Deliverable: agreed list and technical specifications forthe new/enhanced features in SEAMCAT

Relevant activity: CPG PTD requested in May 2013 STG to clarify the implementation of LTE UE TPC within SEAMCAT in order to simulate an IMT network employing power control for the studies under AI 1.2.of WRC-15

Keywords SEAMCAT
Worked by SWG-C
Status In Progress
Triggered By Input from ECO (doc ECC PT1(12)036) reviewing the SEAMCAT functionality needed for ECC PT1 work
Progress Report