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Reference SFG_01
Short Name Towards 2025
ETSI Workitem
ETSI Deliverable
Subject Towards 2025: A vision for Numbering and Networks
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Scope In 2012, the WG NaN published a Green Paper entitled Long Term Evolution in Numbering, Naming and Adressing 2012-2022.  The document set out a vision for the years 2012-2022 and the conclusions and actions informed the work programme for the group in the intervening period.
In September 2017, the WG NaN Strategy Forum Group met in Athens and considered that a mid-term review of the Green Paper was required. During the review discussion it was agreed that a new strategic guidance document would better serve regulatory and insustry stakeholders.

Deliverable ECC Report
Responsible group WG NaN - NaN SFG
Start date 20-09-2017
Target date 29-11-2019
Public Consultation 23-05-2019
Regular Work Item False
Keywords Strategy, 5G, Numbering, Long term evolution, IP-based networks
Worked by NaN SFG
Contact Freddie McBride (
Status In Progress
Triggered By NaN SFG
Progress Report A skeleton of a report was made during the September 2017 meeting, aiming at identifying trends in electronic commnication.
Writing assignments were handed out to progress the work on the new report. Contributions were requested by December 2017.
Contributions were received and a web meeting was held on 18 January 2018 to present and discuss the first draft.
Drafting continued at a physical meeting held on 20-21 March 2018 (Mainz, Germany) to progress the work.

Work continued on the document at the last NaN SFG meeting (Athens 13-14 September 2018). It was decided that the document needed more work before public consultation. Therefore work will continue on the document in the beginning of 2019 and it will be submitted to the WG NaN meeting in Ljubljana (21-23 May 2019) for approval for public consultation.