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Reference NPS_06
Short Name CLI Spoofing
ETSI Workitem
ETSI Deliverable
Subject ECC Report on CLI Spoofing
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Scope Calling/Caller ID spoofing is a technique where the information displayed in the CLI field is manipulated with the intention of deceiving the called party into thinking that the call originated from another person, entity or location. It is very often used by fraudsters to take advantage of the inherent trust that end-users have in the integrity of CLI information to facilitate scams. But also some operators use CLI spoofing for illegal rerouting/arbitrage schemes (e.g. roaming non EU- originated traffic). Manipulation of CLI can also be a part of a legitimate activity and this adds complexity.

In this work item the ECC will address :
- the legal aspects (prohibition, exceptions, appropriate legal instruments,…);
- the possible technical measures for the different technologies to verify and authenticate the CLI with pros and contras;
- the operational impact for the different stakeholders with cost aspects;
- different aspects of the rollout of the solutions;
- impact on regulatory authorities and possible measures.

Deliverable ECC Report
Responsible group WG NaN - NaN2
Start date 31-05-2018
Target date 26-11-2020
Public Consultation 28-05-2020
Regular Work Item False
Keywords CLI Spoofing, Fraud, calling party number delivery, IP, PSTN, PLMN, Calling Line Identification Presetation, CLIP
Worked by PT NPS
Contact Freddie McBride (
Status In Progress
Triggered By Belgium, Norway, Latvia, Italy and UK
Progress Report Work item approved at the 16th meeting of WG NaN in Reykjavik, Iceland