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Reference NPS_07
Short Name CEPT cooperation process for withholding payments
ETSI Workitem
ETSI Deliverable
Subject CEPT cooperation process for withholding payments and/or blocking access to numbers or services in cases of cross-border fraud or misuse
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Scope One of the most effective long-term approaches to tackling fraud and misuse is greater cooperation and information sharing between regulators. This can help us to better understand the changing nature of fraud mechanisms and to develop ex-ante and ex-post measures to protect the interests of citizens and consumers. With this aim, it is proposed to define a process for cooperation in the investigation of cross-border cases of fraud and misuse. The process would assist any regulatory intervention in the withholding of payments and/or blocking of access to numbers or services where fraud or misuse has occurred.

As a starting point, we plan to review the BEREC cooperation process, as set out in report BoR (13)37. The BEREC cooperation process was developed to assist regulatory authorities in the effective application of powers provided by Article 28(2) of the Universal Service Directive (USD) to require the withholding of payments and/or blocking of access to numbers or services in cases of fraud or misuse. It is a cooperation and information sharing tool used to complement national processes in combating fraud and misuse. We would consider the strengths and weaknesses of the BEREC cooperation process in developing the CEPT process.

ECC Report 275 (2018) The role of E.164 numbers in international fraud and misuse of electronic communications services
BEREC Report BoR (13)37 Article 28(2) USD Universal Service Directive: A harmonised BEREC cooperation process, March 2013

Deliverable ECC Report
Responsible group WG NaN - NaN2
Start date 31-05-2018
Target date 28-11-2019
Public Consultation 31-05-2019
Regular Work Item False
Keywords Fraud, witholding payments, interconnection, pricing, revenue share
Worked by PT NPS
Contact Vassil Krastev (
Status On Hold
Triggered By UK, Norway, Latvia and Spain
Progress Report Work item approved by WG NaN at its 16th meeting in Reykjavik, Iceland on 28-31 May 2018

During the 30th NaN2 meeting the  work item was removed from NaN2’s work programme.