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Reference SE45_02
Short Name
ETSI Workitem
ETSI Deliverable
Subject Fixed-Service short-term interference protection from WAS/RLANs in the frequency band 5925–6425 MHz.
Related WI FM57_01 (ex-FM_52)
Scope To complement the existing studies of ECC Report 302 related to the short-term interference protection of Point-to-Point Fixed Service from WAS/RLAN indoor only deployments as well as potential WAS/RLAN portable devices that operate outdoor with power levels significantly lower than that for indoor use.
Deliverable ECC Report
Responsible group WG SE - SE45
Start date 02-10-2019
Target date 29-05-2020
Public Consultation
Regular Work Item False

The complementary studies may consider the design criterion and link budget margins typically applied across CEPT when planning Point-to-Point links in this band. The studies should aim to quantify and qualify both the risk and possible effect of short-term interference occurring with respect to fixed link availability at different WAS/RLAN maximum power levels.

The complementary studies would contribute to the work in WG FM and FM 57, when addressing Task 2 of the EC Mandate on WAS/RLANs in 6 GHz, i.e. CEPT Report B (“Development of harmonised technical conditions”).

The study will be done incooperation with SE19.

See WG FM Liaison Statement in Document SE(19)107

At its January 2020 meeting, WGSE could update the nature of deliverable depending of the coordination between WGSE and WGFM Chairmen on the appropriate way to address the transparency of the technical study.

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