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Reference SE40_40
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ETSI Workitem
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Subject Technical studies to contribute to the update of the annex 2 of ERC Decision (99)06
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Scope Compatibility analysis (inter-service and intra-service) concerning networks for Satellite Personal Communication System operating below 1 GHz (S-PCS < 1 GHz) are needed. According to ERC/DEC/(99)06 Decision, these compatibility studies for this S-PCS < 1 GHz system have to be successfully completed for inclusion in Annex 2 of ERC/DEC/(99)06.
Deliverable ECC Report
Responsible group WG SE - SE40
Start date 02-10-2019
Target date 30-06-2022
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Regular Work Item False

The ARGOS operations that are expected to take place in the frequency bands 399.9 - 400.05 MHz (Earth-to-space) and 400.15 -401 MHz (space-to-Earth), will be explained in detail. The SWARM operations are expected in the bands 137-138 MHz (Earth-to-space) and 148.0-150.05 MHz (space-to-Earth). The compatibility analysis for all these systems will be performed. HIBERBAND already provided some detailed analysis. Coordination principles under RR article 9 such as satellite network priority, should be excluded from these studies. If WG SE achieves a result for one system, this should immediately be reported back to WG FM and FM44 directly. 

Coordination with FM44 to identify the current systems in operation.

 SE(19)085 extracted from ECC minutes gives guidance.

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