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Reference FM56_02
Short Name ECC Decision on RMR
ETSI Workitem
ETSI Deliverable
Subject ECC Decision on RMR
Related WI FM56_1
Scope New ECC Decision on the harmonisation of frequency bands for RMR (GSM-Rand FRMCS) based on the response to the Mandate on FRMCS (CEPT Reports A and B).

Deliverable ECC Decision
Responsible group WG FM - FM56
Start date 06-03-2020
Target date 20-11-2020
Public Consultation 03-07-2020
Regular Work Item False
Comments See Work Item FM56_01

Keywords RMR, GSM-R, FRMCS
Worked by
Contact Robin Donoghue (
Status In Progress
Triggered By Agreed by ECC#52 in March 2020 with support of Slovenia, France,Germany, Czech Republic, Croatia, Belgium, Austria, Luxemburg, Lichtenstein,Switzerland
Progress Report