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Reference PT1_36
Short Name CBand_indoor
ETSI Workitem
ETSI Deliverable
Subject Guidance on the application of the least restrictive technical conditions (LRTC) in ECC/DEC/(11)06 to ensure protection of the military radiolocation systems operating below 3400 MHz from  indoor small cells operating in the band 3400-3800MHz

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Scope Study options regarding the application of the additional baseline power limits that are given in Table 5 of ECC/DEC/(11)06 in the specific case where indoor small cells are deployed, with the aim to provide guidance to administrations.

Deliverable ECC Recommendation
Responsible group ECC PT1
Start date 03-07-2020
Target date 05-11-2021
Public Consultation 02-07-2021
Regular Work Item False

Should “standard” outdoor limits given in Table 5 in ECC/DEC/(11)06 apply, but measured at the building outer shell? (Since the power limits in Table 5 do not need to be met indoors),or should another approach be taken?

Keywords AAS, 5G, C-Band, radar
Worked by ECC PT1
Contact Peter Faris (
Status In Progress
Triggered By ECC#53
Supported by: Austria, Germany; France, Ireland, Lithuania, Norway, Slovenia, Switzerland
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