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Reference SE24_75
Short Name UWB vehicle applications
ETSI Workitem
ETSI Deliverable
Subject Additional UWB radiodetermination applications within the frequency range 116 GHz to 260 GHz for vehicular use
Related WI
Scope To carry out studies in the candidate bands 116 to 130 GHz, 134 to 141 GHz and 141 to 148,5 GHz , limited to the consideration of the two following applications:
  •  Short-range assist and surrounding monitoring for vehicles and autonomous systems (limited to bands adjacent to EESS (passive)), and
  •  In-vehicle surveillance radar for presence detection and healthcare/medical applications,
taking into account the previous work conducted under work item SE24_71 on these sensor types.

Deliverable Other
Responsible group WG SE - SE24
Start date 22-04-2021
Target date 03-06-2022
Public Consultation
Regular Work Item False
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Status In Progress
Triggered By WGFM
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