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Reference FM RA FG_01
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ETSI Workitem
ETSI Deliverable
Subject T/R 61-01 (CEPT Radio Amateur Licence), T/R 61-02(HAREC) and ECC/REC/(05)06 (CEPT Novice Radio Amateur Licence).
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Maintenance of T/R 61-01, T/R 61-02 and ECC/REC/(05)06 as well as update of the FAQs file (placed on the RAFG webpage) on the interpretation of these Recommendations by the ECO.

Deliverable ECC Recommendation
Responsible group WG FM - FM Radio Amateur FG
Public Consultation 22-05-2015
Permanent Work Item True
Comments ECO is updating national information in T/R 61-01, T/R61-02 and ECC/REC/(05)06 from CEPT countries on request. 
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Contact Robin Donoghue ([email protected])
Status In Progress
Triggered By Endorsed by WGFM#75
Progress Report

T/R 61-02, T/R 61-01, ECC/REC/(05)06 and ERC Report 32 were revised during the 2015/2016 timeframe. WGFM#87 in February 2017 endorsed that ECO should update the FAQ file and the radio amateur topic webpage.

Note that the IARU-R1 made at WGFM#89 (October 2017) a proposal for new work in the RAFG to consider a new entry level licensing possibility, especially designed for young people. ECC Report 89 could be a starting point for starting the development of an ECC Recommendation. WGFM decided to invite the RAFG to consider the proposal. WGFM#90 in February 2018 approved an editorial update of T/R 61-02.

WGFM #100 in October 2021 approved the editorial update of the Annex 4 of Recommendation T/R 61-01 for publication without public consultation, to include amendments to the licensing regime in Australia.