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Reference FM54_02 (FM_31)
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Subject PMR/PAMR 400 MHz
Related WI SE07_25

Develop a new ECC Report and a new ECC Decision. 

Deliverable ECC Decision , ECC Report , Other , Rev. ECC Decision
Responsible group WG FM - FM54
Start date 30-09-2013
Target date 01-03-2019
Public Consultation 11-10-2018
Regular Work Item False
Comments WGFM#80 tasked FM54 with assessing the information collected via the questionnaire on 400 MHz PMR/PAMR.

ECC#44 endorsed the work in FM54 towards a new ECC Decision for land mobile systems in the frequency ranges 68-87.5 MHz, 146-174 MHz, 406.1-410 MHz, 410-430 MHz, 440-450 MHz, and 450-470 MHz and replacing ECC/DEC/(04)06 and ECC/DEC/(06)06. 

WGFM#87 agreed that the Recommendation T/R 32-02 on UHF maritime onboard frequencies may not be needed any longer since the footnote in the radio regulation 5.287 and Recommendation ITU-R M.1174-3 includes all relevant information. WGFM will be requested to finally decide on the withrawal of the Recommendation at the May 2017 meeting. ETSI confirmed from their perspective at ECC#44 that this would not cause any difficulties since the harmonised standard refers to ITU-R M.1174-3.

WGFM#92 approved for public consultation:
- the draft ECC Report 292;
- the new draft ECC Decision (19)01 for the withdrawal of ECC Decision (11)04;
- the new draft ECC Decision (19)02;
- the draft revised ECC Decision (08)05.
In addition, a liaison statement to 3GPP TSG RAN, RAN4 and ETSI informing about the CEPT/ECC activities in 410-430 MHz was agreed.

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Contact Thomas Weber (
Status In Progress
Triggered By Proposal from EFIS/MG to WGFM#78, action based on CEPT Report 46
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