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Reference FM54_03
Short Name 450MHz
Subject To consider harmonised technical conditions for MFCN in the band 450-470 MHz.
Related WI SE07_25
FM54_02 (FM_31)
Scope To consider harmonised technical conditions for MFCN in the band 450-470 MHz. This implies the consideration of the consequence of a possible technology move from CDMA to LTE in the 450 MHz band while not changing the previous balance with the requirements for other radio applications, especially for PMR/PAMR. Any necessary modifications of ECC deliverables should be elaborated.”
Deliverable ECC Decision , ECC Report , Other
Responsible group WG FM - FM54
Start date 22-05-2015
Target date 01-03-2019
Public Consultation 11-10-2018
Regular Work Item False

WGFM agreed to request compatibility and sharing studies from WGSE for the band 450-470 MHz on the basis of LTE technology to be used by land mobile systems in this band. Typical usage scenarios include the introduction of MFCN-like use in a PMR/PAMR environment, broadband PMR/PAMR using LTE technology as well as the PMR/PAMR use by the utilities sector for M2M/IoT mission critical wide-area networks (LTE based). In addition, WGFM agreed to send a liaison statement to ETSI to inform about the studies and, as a separate item, also informed ETSI about considerations on a future request on the development of spectrum access mechanisms in support of intra-PMR/PAMR systems spectrum sharing (co-frequent, with overlapping coverage areas).

The topic of narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) as currently specified in 3GPP (200 kHz LTE) has now gained much interest within CEPT, and many applications are being considered for this technology within the 400 MHz range. Hence, WGFM#85 in May 2016 decided that NB-IoT is considered as part of the technical studies for the 410-430 MHz and the 450-470 MHz bands.

WGFM#92 in September 2018 approved the draft ECC Report 292 and the new draft ECC Decision (19)BB for public consultation.

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Status In Progress
Triggered By Agreed in WGFM#83 - endorsed by ECC#40 . 
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