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Reference SE19_38
Short Name FSin130-175GHz
ETSI Workitem
ETSI Deliverable

To facilitate the deployment of fixed services links in the frequency bands already allocated to fixed services services in the frequency range 130-175 GHz

Related WI SE19_37

ECC Recommendation and ECC Report containing guidelines on deployment of fixed services operating in the allocated bands 130 – 134 GHz, 141 – 148.5 GHz, 151.5 – 164 GHz and 167 – 174.8 GHz.

Deliverable ECC Recommendation , ECC Report
Responsible group WG SE - SE19
Start date 01-10-2015
Target date 14-09-2018
Public Consultation 28-06-2018
Permanent Work Item False

The bands 130 – 134 GHz, 141 – 148.5 GHz, 151.5-164 GHz and 167 – 174.8 GHz are already allocated for fixed services in RR.

The study is expected to examine future requirements in the fixed services (e.g. deployment scenarios, propagation models, radio channel arrangements, etc.).

Sharing and compatibility will also be considered as required. Doc.SE19(15)29 for background.

ECC Report 282 to respond to SE19_37 and SE19_38 is published.

ECC Recommendation ECC/REC/(18)01 is published.

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Status Finalised
Triggered By SE19 through WGSE (for supporting administrations, see SE(15)098, section 6.3.1)
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