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Reference SE07_25
Short Name 400MHz

Broadband PMR/PAMR and M2M sharing and compatibility studies in the bands 410-430 and 450-470 MHz

Related WI FM54_02 (FM_31)

A single ECC Reportcovering both WIs SE7_25 and SE7_26 (BB PPDR at 410-430 MHZ) will be drafted.

Deliverable ECC Report
Responsible group WG SE - SE7
Start date 29-04-2016
Target date 28-09-2018
Public Consultation 28-06-2018
Regular Work Item False

Studies shall be based on LTE technology as well as on any other technology suitable for PMR/PAMR (includingPMR M2M). They may also cover other land mobile radiosystems, e.g. MFCN.

The affected systems, which should be taken into account in the studies,are in the ECC Report 240 on BB-PPDR.

ECC Report 283(covering both work items SE07_25 and SE7_26) is published.

Work Item is closed.

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Triggered By WG FM
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