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Reference SE21_19

Unwanted Emissions – Guidance and methodologies when using typical equipment performance in sharing/compatibility studies

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Scope a.             To be used by other CEPT / ECC groups when conducting sharing/compatibility studies

b.             To provide clear guidance on the use of the typical performance of equipment in sharing/compatibility studies in addition to limits e.g. those set in ECC Recommendation (02)05, ERC Recommendation 74-01 or European Harmonised Standards.

c.             Further investigate and provide methodologies on the use of typical performance in sharing/compatibility studies. This may include:

i.              Guidance on defining typical performance of the equipment through measurements;

ii.             Defining a methodology for developing the distribution of values for typical performance of equipment, for sharing/compatibility studies, this may include a guidance on determining an ‘average’ level of spurious emissions.

iii.            Defining a methodology to introduce power distribution in sharing/compatibility studies.

iv.            Guidance on use of a sensitivity analysis.

d.             Provide guidance on how the boundary between the Out of Band domain and the Spurious domain based on the 250% rule relates to the discontinuity of typical unwanted emissions in the Out-of-band and Spurious domains.

e.             Look for any baseline assumptions that can be defined for the typical performance of equipment that can be used in sharing/compatibility studies.

f.             Changing limits in ERC Recommendation 74-01 is outside the scope of this work. However, developing an informative annex to 74-01 could be within scope.

g.             Liaise with other SE project teams and ETSI where appropriate.

h.             Use ECC report 249 as a basis for this work. Other work references could include ECC Report 207 and ERC Report 065 which give examples of previous studies where performance better than the limits were used.

Deliverable ECC Recommendation , ECC Report
Responsible group WG SE - SE21
Start date 29-04-2016
Target date 24-01-2020
Public Consultation
Regular Work Item False
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Status In Progress
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Supported by Austria, Croatia, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Romania, Sweden and United Kingdom (see SE(16)059, section 7.3)

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