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Reference SRD/MG_03
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ETSI Workitem
ETSI Deliverable
Subject SRD
Related WI
Scope Revisions, additions, or deletion of entries, to ERC Recommendation 70-03, ECC Decisions and ECC Reports. CEPT Report in response to updates under the permanent EC mandate on SRD.
Deliverable ECC Decision , ECC Report , CEPT Report , Other , Rev. ECC Decision , Rev. ECC Recommendation
Responsible group WG FM - SRD/MG
Public Consultation 05-06-2017
Regular Work Item True
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Contact Robin Donoghue (
Status In Progress
Triggered By Triggered by ETSI SRDoc requests and related to EC mandate on SRD
Progress Report WGFM#92 in September 2018:

WG FM approved the new Annex 13 in ERC Recommendation 70-03 for medical data acquisition applications for publication. The first entries in this new Annex are for the Ultra-Low Power Wireless Medical Capsule Endoscopy (ULP-WMCE) application and for Medical Body Area Network Systems (MBANS) which are moved out of Annex 2 of ERC Recommendation 70-03 into this new Annex.

WG FM approved a revision of the Annex 2 (Tracking, Tracing and Data Acquisition) for publication. It includes a clarification for SRD in data networks in the frequency ranges within 865-868 MHz as well as a new entry for a new person detection and collision avoidance application operating at 442.2-450 kHz.

WG FM approved a revision of the Annex 3 (Wideband Data Transmission Systems) for publication. The changes in Annex 3 in this revision are for alignment with the EC Decision for SRD.

WG FM approved revisions of the Annexes 3, 5, 9, and 10 of ERC Recommendation 70-03 for public consultation.

WG FM postponed the approval for public consultation of Annexes 1, 2, and 11 of ERC Recommendation 70-03. WG FM agreed guidance to SRD/MG to be used for drafting the entries in the bands 870-876 MHz and 915-921MHz. WG FM agreed to attach information to the meeting minutes which can be used by CEPT administrations to better understand and analyse the intended changes in Annex 1 of ERC Recommendation 70-03. With this information and the guidance to SRD/MG, it is the clear intention to approve the draft revised Annexes 1, 2, and 11 of ERC Recommendation 70-03 at the next WG FM meeting for public consultation. SRD/MG is tasked to organize the work accordingly, so that publication of the changes will not be later than approved at WG FM#94 in spring 2019;

ECC#49 (October 2018) approved the draft CEPT Report 70 for the 7th update of the EC Decision for SRD for public consultation and sending it to the EC.

ECC#50 approved the publication of CEPT Report 70.