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Reference SE24_60
Short Name WPT_below30MHz
Subject Wireless PowerTransmission (WPT) systems operating below 30MHz

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Scope The first studies will focus on Wireless Power Transmission (WPT) systems for Electric Vehicles (EV) operating in the frequency band 79 - 90 kHz.

These studies will support the work of CEPT CPG on its studies in relation to WRC-19 Agenda item 9.1, Issue 9.1.6.

Other types of WPT applications and other frequency ranges will be considered at the second step of studies.

Deliverable ECC Report
Responsible group WG SE - SE24
Start date 27-01-2017
Target date 24-01-2020
Public Consultation 01-01-2018
Regular Work Item False

Other frequency bands identified by CPG PTD for  WPT for EV may be considered in the study.

In a second step, an extension of the study for otherkinds of WPT systems/devices (other than EV) and for other frequency ranges e.g. 19-21 kHz, 58-62 kHz and 100-300 kHzis required. 

ETSI developed and sent to ECC a second SRdoc (“ERMSystem Reference document (SRdoc); Wireless Power Transmission (WPT) systemsfor WPT operating below 30 MHz, TR 103 493) dealing with all kinds of WPTsystems other than WPT-EV.  Thisextension could support the ITU-R WP 1A/WP 1B work on other WPT applicationsand frequency ranges (Question ITU-R 210-3/1).

Draft ECC Report 289 has been sent for PC.

A second draft ECC Report is to be developed on“generic” WPT. 

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