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Reference SRD/MG_48
Short Name UWB for medical applications
ETSI Workitem
ETSI Deliverable
Subject SRD/MG to study what needs to be addressed within the UWB regulation for medical applications based on UWB technology, analyse existing and  new mitigation techniques for UWB devices and investigate how they can be deployed in other application domains and usage scenarios, study needs for vehicular access systems based on UWB.
Related WI SE24_58
Scope Define needs for studies, and the changes in the regulation framework (Revisions ECC Decisions (06)04 and (07)01 and Rec. 70-03 and a CEPT Report)
Deliverable CEPT Report , Rev. ECC Decision , Rev. ECC Recommendation
Responsible group WG FM - SRD/MG
Public Consultation 15-10-2018
Regular Work Item True
Comments Work under the permanent mandate for UWB. ECC in June 2017 noted that this activity, in conjunction with related System Reference Documents form ETSI, may lead to the revision of ECC Decision(06)04 (generic UWB) and Decision(07)01 (specific UWB material sensing devices).
Worked by
Contact Robin Donoghue (
Status Finalised
Triggered By Approved by WGFM#87. Triggered by the permanent mandate for UWB as well as ETSI SRdoc TR 103 313, TR 103 314 and TR 103 416.
Progress Report WGFM#92 (September 2018): the draft revised ECC Decisions (06)04 and (07)01 were approved for public consultation.
ECC#49 (October 2018) approved an editorial update of ECC/DEC/(06)08 for publication. CEPT Report 69 in response to the permanent mandate on UWB from the European Commission to CEPT, in view of a potential update of Commission Decision 2007/131/EC, was approved for publication and to send it to the European Commission.