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Reference FM_51
Short Name WGFM Activities 5G Roadmap
Subject WGFM Activities 5G Roadmap
Related WI
Scope WGFM updates/activities with regard to ECC's 5G Roadmap
Deliverable Other
Responsible group WG FM
Public Consultation
Regular Work Item True
Comments ECC#49 in October 2018 adopted a revised roadmap. 

CEPT roadmap has been updated taking into account the related ECC activities, in particular to reflect the related deliverables recently approved and the progress achieved for WRC-19 preparation. Extension of the scope of the action D.3 related to FS channelling relevant for backhauling.

ECO has announced that a CEPT workshop on spectrum solutions (including but not limited to 5G based solutions) for vertical sectors is planned in May-June 2019. This activity has been endorsed by the ECC plenary. 

Worked by
Contact Robin Donoghue (
Status In Progress
Triggered By ECC tasks towards PT1, WGFM and WGSE on 5G roadmap explanations

Progress Report WG FM tasked FM44 to develop an ECC Report on satellite solutions for 5G, in cooperation with ECC PT1. (ECC Report 280 - already approved for publication)

Start and Stop dates removed as this is a regular work item - programmatic work.  Decided by WGFM June 2019