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Reference SE21_20
Short Name ERC REC 74-01
Subject Update of the ERC REC 74-01
Related WI
Scope To review and as necessary update ERC REC 74-01
Deliverable Rev. ECC Recommendation
Responsible group WG SE - SE21
Start date 12-05-2017
Target date 24-05-2019
Public Consultation
Regular Work Item False
Comments The revision of ERC REC 74-01 has to consider the generic aspects of spurious emissions issues.

This review should involve consultation with the relevant technical and Working Groups within CEPT and ETSI on modifications needed.

SE21 is also invited in close cooperation with ETSI to consider how to manage the specific applications requiring regulatory provisions on spurious emissions. 

Some issues  have already been collected by SE21 in a Forum Group.

Worked by
Status In Progress
Triggered By ERC REC 74-01 is to be reviewed every three years, in the light of changing technologies and regulatory requirements. Current edition is from Jan 2011.

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