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Reference FM44_33
Short Name M2M-IoT-SAT
Subject Assess the feasibility of M2M/IoT operation through satellite from a technical and regulatory point of view
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Scope Develop an ECC Report regarding the implementation of M2M/IoT operation via satellite including uplinks and downlinks to enhance terrestrial networks with satellite connectivity
Deliverable ECC Report
Responsible group WG FM - FM44
Start date 16-05-2017
Target date 28-02-2020
Public Consultation 21-06-2019
Regular Work Item False
Comments Explore technical and frequency band opportunities for the introduction of M2M/IoT applications via satellite in order to extend terrestrial networks and create complementary services. The advantage of M2M/IoT via satellite is mainly to establish connectivity for areas having no or poor terrestrial coverage.

Worked by
Contact Robin Donoghue (
Status In Progress
Triggered By Adopted at WG FM#88 with the support of France, Luxembourg, Norway, Russian Federation, Switzerland, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom.
Progress Report Target Date and Consultation date amended by WGFM June 2019 - See minutes Annex 5