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Reference FNI_06
Short Name Transparency in E.T. use of numbers
Subject Increasing transparency regarding the extra-territorial use of numbers for M2M communication within CEPT member states.
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Scope In April 2016 the WG NaN adopted the Recommendation 16(02)” Extra-Territorial Use of E.164 Numbers - High level principles of assignment and use”. In 3) and 4) of this Recommendation it is recommended to create more transparency on the extraterritorial use of E.164 numbers. The need for transparency with this type of use remains important in order to ensure regulatory compliance and to respect national sovereignty.

The idea of increased transparency where numbering resources are used extraterritorially for M2M is also recognized in the European Commission’s recent proposals for amending the regulatory framework (the EECC).

It is proposed to start a process of creating more transparency by gathering information 1) on the regulatory situation regarding the ET use of different numbering resources for M2M communication and 2) on the assignment of these resources. Furthermore it could be envisaged to publish this information on a regular basis via the ECO website.

When compared to a system of ”pan-EU authorisation“ as proposed by the Commission, such a list has the advantage that it does not involve difficult legal questions (e.g. legal basis, powers of enforcement, legal remedies), in particular since the registration is voluntary.
One of the targets is to determine a first set of information (a pilot project – MS Excel file containing sample information) that should be collected by CEPT administrations regarding the NRAs/ECS providers/providers of M2M services in their respective countries

Deliverable ECC Report
Responsible group WG NaN - NaN PT FNI
Start date 30-05-2017
Target date 30-05-2019
Public Consultation 29-11-2018
Regular Work Item False

Keywords extra territorial, E.164, E.212, Mobile Network Codes, M2M, IoT
Worked by PT FNI
Contact Freddie McBride (
Status On Hold
Triggered By Germany, Finland, Sweden, Hungary, The Netherlands, Italy, Belgium
Progress Report Work Item Proposal adopted in WG NaN Helsinki (30 May - 01 June 2017)
PT FNI will start work on Report in Stockholm (27-28 June 2017)
The issue has been discussed by PT FNI at the last 3 meetings and German to provide a concrete proposal at the next PT FNI meeting in Lisbon (19-20 June 2018).
It was decided that this work should be put on hold during the Lisbon meeting.