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Reference PT1_07
Short Name LBand_MES_Blocking
Subject Measures to address potential blocking of MES operating in bands adjacent to 1518 MHz (including 1525-1559 MHz) at sea ports and airports
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Scope Study potential blocking of MES receivers caused by MFCN (SDL base stations) below 1518 MHz. These MES may need to show correct functioning in bands adjacent to 1518 MHz (including 1525-1559 MHz), as part of operational procedures, prior to departure from sea ports or airports. Propose proportionate solutions to address this issue.
Deliverable ECC Report
Responsible group ECC PT1 - SWG-C
Start date 30-06-2017
Target date 31-03-2019
Public Consultation 30-10-2018
Regular Work Item False
Comments This follows on from work in ECC Report 263 and draft ECC Report 269
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Status In Progress
Triggered By ECC#45
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