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Reference PT1_13
Short Name Rev_ECC/DEC/(05)05
Subject Review of ECC Decision (05)05 (2.6 GHz MFCN) for suitability for 5G

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Scope Update of technical conditions in ECC Decision (05)05

Deliverable ECC Report , Rev. ECC Decision
Responsible group ECC PT1
Start date 03-03-2018
Target date 02-03-2020
Public Consultation 05-07-2019
Regular Work Item False

Review technical conditions to enable timely introduction of 5G and, when applicable, AAS, while ensuring adequate protection of other services and applications.

ECC#50 approved the revised ECC Decision for public consultation and agreed to extend the deadline for the ECC Report only

Keywords 2.6GHz, MFCN, 5G
Worked by
Contact Peter Faris (
Status In Progress
Triggered By ECC#47
Progress Report ECC#51 approved the revised ECC Decision for publication, and the draft ECC Report 308 for public consultation.