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Reference PT1_14
Short Name Rev_ECC/DEC/(06)13
ETSI Workitem
ETSI Deliverable
Subject Review of ECC Decision (06)13 (900/1800 MHz MFCN) for suitability for 5G

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Initial update of ECC Decision (06)13 to add reference to 5G NR harmonised standard.

Followed by further update of ECC Decision(06)13 to introduce a technology neutral block edge mask.

Deliverable ECC Report , Rev. ECC Decision
Responsible group ECC PT1
Start date 03-03-2018
Target date 02-11-2021
Public Consultation 02-07-2021
Regular Work Item False

Review technical conditions to enable timely introduction of 5G and, when applicable, AAS, while ensuring adequate protection of other services and applications.

First step (at least 1800 MHz): follow current approach to reference the 5G NR standard. Planned target date for this first step: 03/2019 (might be delayed until 06/2019)

Second step: introduce technology neutral block edge mask to replace existing technology references.

Keywords 900MHz, 1800MHz, 5G, MFCN
Worked by
Contact Peter Faris (
Status In Progress
Triggered By ECC#47
Progress Report Initial update of ECC Decision (06)13 and ECC Report 297 approved by ECC#50 for publication.