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Reference SE24_65
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Subject Studies to examine the existing ECC Reports if they can be applied to V2X and Urban Rail CBTC ITS technologies
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Scope Conduct studies to examine the ECC Reports 101 and 228 (studies performed on ITS-G5), in order to verify the following items by taking into account the need for reliable safety related operation of ITS systems in the 5875 - 5925 MHz band:
- whether the assumptions and conclusions made in ECC Reports 101 and 228 are also valid for LTE-V2X ITS and Urban Rail CBTC technologies. 
- whether considerations about TPC, duty cycle and overall transmission activity and coexistence with other services and applications are still valid for LTE-V2X ITS and Urban Rail CBTC technologies, in particular in relation to interference from incumbent radiocommunication services and the provision of acceptable levels of service;  
- coexistence between LTE-V2X ITS/Urban Rail CBTC technologies and new smart tachograph, weight and dimension applications using 5795-5815 MHz.

Deliverable ECC Report
Responsible group WG SE - SE24
Start date 27-04-2018
Target date 25-01-2019
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Regular Work Item False
Comments ITS Mandate
LS from WG FM : SE(18)050

Draft ECC Report 290 is on public consultation.

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