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Reference FM44_34
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Subject Earth stations in-motion installed on aircraft operating with FSS systems in the 12.75 -13.25 GHz band (Earth to space) 

Related WI SE40_27

Develop an ECC Decision on 'The harmonised use of frequencies, exemption from individual licensing and free circulation of earth stations in-motion installed on aircraft operating with GSO and NGSO FSS systems in the 12.75 -13.25 GHz band (Earth to space)

Deliverable ECC Decision
Responsible group WG FM - FM44
Start date 14-05-2018
Target date 27-03-2020
Public Consultation 21-06-2019
Regular Work Item False

Regulatory measures to be  developed for the protection of current and future FS deployment, such as setting a minimum altitude, taking into account the results of WGSE studies (see Doc: FM(18)055).The regulatory measures for maintaining compatibility with Appendix 30B to be developed and if necessary, corresponding technical issues should be identified. Regulatory studies will take into account aggregate effects from NGSO and GSO operations. 

See also background in FM(18)105 Annex 7.

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Contact Robin Donoghue (
Status In Progress
Triggered By WGFM#91 (May 2018); and supported by UK, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Hungary, Lithuania, Switzerland, France, Norway

Pending confirmation from the ECC
Progress Report Target date and Consultation date amended by WGFM June 2019 - Minutes Annex 5