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Reference SE24_69
Subject New co-existence studies between various  SRD applications and SRDs in data networks

Related WI SRD/MG_07

To study the various solutions for coexistence

-                            between differentSRD technologies in data networks 

-                            between SRDs in data networks and other SRDs

Deliverable ECC Report
Responsible group WG SE - SE24
Start date 14-09-2018
Target date 01-09-2020
Public Consultation
Regular Work Item False

The study is based on operations in line with the current regulation in REC 70-03 Annexes 1 to 2 and in those new bands in the current RSCOM decision (500 mW opportunities are limited to the existing bandwith 500 mW)

Note: The use of all or part of the bands 870-874.4MHz, 915-919.4 MHz may not be available in some European countries due to theuse of all or part of these sub-bands for defence/ governmental systems.

UL transmissions will also be taken into account.

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