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Reference FM59_02
Short Name Spectrum Solutions for UAS (excluding MFCN UAS)
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New ECC Report on Spectrum Solutions for UAS (excluding MFCN UAS)

FM 59 is tasked with the drafting of a new ECC Report aimed at assessing the feasibility of spectrum solutions for the operational needs for the Commercial and  governmental use of UAS and establishing the relevant technical conditions.

Governmental use does not address military usage (which is considered as a national matter).

WGFM #97 in October 2020 decided to remove "commercial Use from the scope of this Work Item.

Related WI SE07_31

This work item concerns the definition of a reliable spectrum framework and the assessment of feasibility with the primary focus on the following bands, whilst ensuring compatibility with radio services and incumbent systems:

  • The commercial use of command andcontrol systems by UAS in the 1900-1920 MHz and 5000-5010 MHz bands.  WGFM #97 in October 2020 decided to remove "commercial Use from the scope of this Work Item.

  • ·       The governmental use of command and control as well as payload systems by UAS in the 1880-1900 MHz and 1900-1920 MHz bands.

Other bands may also be considered depending on the progress of work.

The UAS to be studied fall in the "Open" and "Specific" categories as identified in ECC Report 268. 5000-5010 MHz could be used by" Specific " category UAS which do not require the use of specified aeronautical solutions for CC.

Deliverable ECC Report
Responsible group WG FM - FM59
Start date 28-09-2018
Target date 28-10-2022
Public Consultation 24-06-2022
Regular Work Item False
Comments The bands as identified in REC 25-10 provide potential payload solutions.

WG FM #99 agreed to amend the target date of work item FM59_02 to October 2022, following the decision by WG SE to delay the work item SE07_31

Keywords UAS
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Contact Robin Donoghue (
Status In Progress
Triggered By WGFM#92 with the support of France, Portugal, Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium, Finland, Switzerland
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