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Reference FM_53
Short Name Scope of technical studies in the 2 483.5 - 2 500 MHz frequency band.
ETSI Workitem
ETSI Deliverable
Subject Scope of technical feasibility and coexistence studies for the potential introduction of new terrestrial applications in the 2483.5 - 2 500 MHz frequency band.

Related WI SE07_32
Scope To scope out studies on the compatibility and technical feasibility of coexistence for the potential introduction of new terrestrial applications operating in the 2 483.5 - 2 500 MHz frequency band with existing services / applications in the same band and adjacent bands.

Deliverable Other
Responsible group WG FM
Start date 14-02-2020
Target date 29-10-2021
Public Consultation
Regular Work Item False

New terrestrial applications (see technical descriptions and specifications for 3GPP band 53(see TR 36.791 v1.0.0)) to be considered in the study with regard to existing radio services / applications, these are in-band Mobile Satellite Services(MSS), in-band MBANS devices, in-band LP-AMI devices, future in-band RNSS,in-band PMSE, radio applications below 2483.5 MHz including licensed and unlicensed use; radio applications above 2500 MHz (MFCN). See also latest version of ERC Report 25 (ECA Table). Also the impact of spurious emissions should be considered.

Investigations to take into account relevant ECC Reports, including 149,150, 165, 201, 219 and CEPT Report 72.

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Contact Robin Donoghue (
Status In Progress
Triggered By Agreed by WG FM #95 with support of: Germany, Ireland, Austria, Norway,Portugal, Ukraine, Switzerland, Liechtenstein.
Progress Report End date changed by 96th WG FM to May 2021
End date changed by 98th WG FM to Oct 2021