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Reference ES_07
Short Name SIM-less calls to 112
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Subject Draft ECC Report on SIM-less calls to emergency services
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Scope On 5 September 2019, the Court of Justice of the European Union ruled that SIM-less calls to 112 should be located[1]. A press release on the findings of the Court was issued on 5 September 2019[2].
The Court holds that the Universal Service Directive requires EU Member States, subject to technical feasibility, to ensure that the undertakings concerned make caller location information available free of charge to the authority handling emergency calls to ‘112’ as soon as the call reaches that authority, including in cases where the call is made from a mobile device which is not fitted with a SIM card.
The goal of the study is to analyse the impact of the ruling of the European Court of Justice which requires the provision of caller location information for calls to emergency services from SIM-less devices. The perspective will be from both point of view technical and legal issues in regard of calls placed from SIM-less devices to emergency services.

Deliverable ECC Report
Responsible group WG NaN - NaN3
Start date 14-11-2019
Target date 28-05-2021
Public Consultation 17-12-2020
Regular Work Item False
Keywords SIM-less, IMEI, caller location information, 112, EU Court of Justice
Worked by NaN3
Contact Vassil Krastev (
Status In Progress
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Progress Report
  • Work continuing on the report via web meetings.
  • NaN3 considered during the 26th meeting the responses received to the public consultation on the draft report. NaN3 agreed to submit the draft report to the next WG NaN meeting (18-20 May 2021) for approval for final adoption.