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Reference FNI_08
Short Name Numbering for private networks
ETSI Workitem
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Subject Draft ECC Report on Numbering for Private Networks
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Scope It is expected that with the rollout of LTE/5G there will be a need to interconnect many private networks with public networks and, from a numbering perspective, a coordinated approach to the assignment and use of E.212 and E.164 resources and other relevant numbering resources for this purpose may be required.

It is noted that various regulators, notably Ofcom & BNetzA, are licensing spectrum in localised areas, intended for private LTE & 5G networks for enterprises. It is likely that there will be a mix of network topologies that could emerge from this, mainly:
• isolated & purely private networks
• private networks with interconnect/roaming to public networks
• wholesale / neutral-host networks
• new managed service providers with spectrum in a number of locations (e.g. a Smart Building Mobile Operators)
• MVNOs or “slice” virtual networks linked to an existing MNO, perhaps with a separate core & local breakout run by the enterprise
• Vertical players with wide-area / national networks (utilities, road & rail, public safety etc.)

From a numbering perspective, these developments raise some questions:

1. At present, it is very unclear how these private/public networks will obtain numbers. Is there a need for NPAs to develop policies in relation to this?
2. These networks will be predominantly mobile. What are their needs with respect to MCCs and MNCs or can they use MCC 999 or MNCs under MCC 902 for SDOs etc?
3. What are the implications for using E.164 and E.212 numbering resources for cross-border enterprises ?
4. What are the implications for roaming in general? (Home versus visited networks and across borders).

LTE and 5G are happening now and network technology development and network rollout is likely to accelerate to hundreds, if not thousands, of new networks. NaN1 should consider developing an ECC Report on this subject informed by discussions with industry stakeholders.

Deliverable ECC Report
Responsible group WG NaN - NaN1
Start date 14-11-2019
Target date 27-05-2021
Public Consultation 17-12-2020
Regular Work Item False
Keywords 5G, Neutral Host Networks, Private Networks, Coprorate Networks, Non-public networks, E.212, E.164
Worked by NaN1
Contact Vassil Krastev (
Status In Progress
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Belgium, Croatia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Latvia, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Switzerland, Sweden, The Netherlands and UK.
Progress Report Work on the draft report continued during the 46th full meeting of NaN1 which took place via web meeting on 13-14 January 2021.

Progress on the draft report was made during a web-meeting held on 23 March 2021.