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Last update: 27-10-2018
Other EFIS Software Developments
To develop EFIS further to fulfil the requirements set out in respect of the ECC's strategic plan, spectrum inventory and EC Decision for EFIS
Regular Work item

WGFM instructs ECO to conduct software changes in the EFIS DB.

WGFM#92 (September 2018): new action list endorsed. The summary of the EFIS questionnaire was also endorsed.

ECC#49 (October 2018): the meeting welcomed new developments on an Application Programming Interface (API) and is looking forward for the further steps of the API implementation.

In Progress
Last update: 12-10-2021
ECC Decision Update ECC/DEC/(01)03
Update of list of EFIS application terms.
Regular Work item
In Progress
Last update: 03-10-2018
Other RIS Model Validation
EFIS/MG to validate RIS Models from originating PTs/MGs concerning compliance with the RIS Model template guidance and compatiblity with the EFIS DB.   
Regular Work item
In Progress
Last update: 30-10-2020
Other Supervise ECO Report 04 



ECO Report 04 - FS implementation in Europe

WGFM #97 in October 2020 decided to remove ECO Report 05 from the scope of this Work Item

ECO Report 05 on 'CEPT, ECC and ECdeliverables - relation to application terminology specified in ECC Decision(01)03 Annex 2'

Regular Work item
An update was endorsed by WGFM#91 in May 2018
In Progress
Last update: 12-10-2021
ECC Recommendation T/R 61-01 (CEPT Radio Amateur Licence), T/R 61-02(HAREC) and ECC/REC/(05)06 (CEPT Novice Radio Amateur Licence).

Maintenance of T/R 61-01, T/R 61-02 and ECC/REC/(05)06 as well as update of the FAQs file (placed on the RAFG webpage) on the interpretation of these Recommendations by the ECO.

Regular Work item
ECO is updating national information in T/R 61-01, T/R61-02 and ECC/REC/(05)06 from CEPT countries on request. 
In Progress
Last update: 01-06-2021
ECC Report Feasibility of developing a central CEPT database of radio amateur licensing documentation.
To develop an ECC Report on the feasibility including pros and cons of developing a central CEPT database of radio amateur licensing documentation that can be readily consulted in order to check licence validity
S: 31-05-2021
T: 27-05-2022
WG FM issued a questionnaire (FM(21)003rev2) regarding proposals for harmonising electronic amateur licence and certification documentation and to develop a corresponding CEPT database. The positive questionnaire responses of the majority of respondents were noted and the WGFM #99 meeting agreed to move forward to consider a feasibility study in order to understand the detailed elements and scope of work needed prior to full commitment.
In Progress
Last update: 23-11-2021
Rev. ECC Report European Common Allocation Table (ERC Report 25)

Update of ERC Report 25 (European Common Allocation Table)


Regular Work item

WG FM#100 (October 2021) approved the revised ERC Report 25 (European Common Allocation Table) for publication. 

In Progress
Last update: 12-10-2021
Other Civil/Military Forum
Development of Civil/Military frequency harmonisation
Regular Work item

An overview on the civil-military meeting (23-24 November 2016 in Prague) and the results based on the presentation which was produced as the “outcome document” is in doc. FM(17)005-Annex 05.

WGFM#88 decided to keep the working methods for the Civ/Mil meeting (last revision 2010, see doc. FM(17)005-Annex 4), only subject to possible editorial amendments.

The next Civil-Military Meeting will take place 31 May - 1 June 2022 in Amsterdam at the kind invitation of the Netherlands.

In Progress
Last update: 12-10-2021
Other General review of all ECC/ERC Decisions and Recommendations >5 years old
Proposals for Decisions and Recommendations to be revised/retained/abrogated as appropriate
Regular Work item
WG FM #99, June 2021 approved the editorial update of;-

  • ECC Decision (19)04 on Airborne earth stations, 12.75 - 13.25 GHz.
ECC in March 2021 published;-
  • the revision of ECC Decision (08)01 on ITS at 5.9 GHz.

In Progress
Last update: 01-06-2021
CEPT Report , Rev. ECC Decision
Review of the RLAN VLP OOB emission limit below 5935 MHz

Review the RLAN VLP OOB emission limit below 5935 MHz with regard to an opportunity to relax it, and review and revise ECC/DEC/(20)01 as appropriate
S: 23-11-2020
T: 28-06-2024
In ECC/DEC/(20)01, the -45 dBm/MHz OOB limit below 5935 MHz for VLP would allow VLP initial market to take up. CEPT agreed that this OOB limit should be valid in time only until 31 December 2024 and be re-examined with regard to an opportunity to relax it based on the real IEEE and DSSS Urban Rail interference situation. In absence of the justified evidence, a value of -37 dBm/MHz, for the OOB limit below 5935 MHz, will be adopted from 01/01/2025.

Text added by WGFM #99 meeting 24 to 28 May 2021.
Possible alignment of ECC/DEC/(20)01 with ECC/DEC/(04)08 with respect to the “non-protected and non-interference basis” provision may be considered.

Additional deliverable added by WGFM #99 meeting 24 to 28 May 2021, - CEPT Report

In Progress
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