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Last update: 02-03-2020
Other Spectrum requirements for PMSE
Study the spectrum requirements for PMSE considering technology developments and re-allocation of spectrum which are expected to take place in the next 5-10 years.
S: 02-07-2008
T: 29-12-2023

Review and revise deliverables as appropriate, also in the light of the WRC-19 results, ETSI deliverables and relevant developments in PMSE technology. 




In Progress
Last update: 14-06-2019
Other Respond to ITU-R Res-59
Respond as appropriate to requirements of ITU Resolution 59 on ENG
Regular Work item
PMSE contacts database added to ECO website to enhance the exchange of information and provide help to potential users. Develop contributions to ITU-R (e.g. based on revised ERC/REC 25-10) as required.  
In Progress
Last update: 23-02-2022
Rev. ECC Recommendation Update of ERC/REC 25-10
Review and update ERC Recommendation 25-10 to take account of changes since last publication
S: 12-02-2021
T: 28-10-2022
ERC Recommendation 25-10 provides tuning ranges for audio and video PMSE and links to EFIS information on national regulatory conditions. It was last published in 2016 and since then, changes have occurred e.g. 700 MHz clearance, publication of new reports, changes to technology, etc.

In Progress
* Target dates are seen as the intended date for the final approval of the related deliverable by the responsible entity. Internal deadlines for project teams and dates for the start of Public Consultations can be reflected in the remarks column. In general this implies that the draft deliverable should be completed by the project team one WG meeting earlier for publication.
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