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FM54_02 (FM_31)
Last update: 06-02-2018
ECC Decision , ECC Report , Other , Rev. ECC Decision PMR/PAMR 400 MHz SE07_25

Develop a new ECC Report and a new ECC Decision. 

S: 30-09-2013
T: 01-03-2019
WGFM#80 tasked FM54 with assessing the information collected via the questionnaire on 400 MHz PMR/PAMR.

ECC#44 endorsed the work in FM54 towards a new ECC Decision for land mobile systems in the frequency ranges 68-87.5 MHz, 146-174 MHz, 406.1-410 MHz, 410-430 MHz, 440-450 MHz, and 450-470 MHz and replacing ECC/DEC/(04)06 and ECC/DEC/(06)06. 

WG FM#87 agreed that the Recommendation T/R 32-02 on UHF maritime onboard frequencies may not be needed any longer since the footnote in the radio regulation 5.287 and Recommendation ITU-R M.1174-3 includes all relevant information. WGFM will be requested to finally decide on the withrawal of the Recommendation at the May 2017 meeting. ETSI confirmed from their perspective at ECC#44 that this would not cause any difficulties since the harmonised standard refers to ITU-R M.1174-3.

ECC Decision (11)04 is under consideration for a separate withdrawal decision, once the new ECC Decision for land mobile systems is agreed (expose approach to relevant externals). ECC#46 in November 2017 endorsed this way forward. WGFM#90 informed external bodies about the possible withdrawal of ECC/DEC/(11)04.

In Progress
Last update: 06-02-2018
ECC Report , Other To consider harmonised technical conditions for MFCN in the band 450-470 MHz. SE07_25
To consider harmonised technical conditions for MFCN in the band 450-470 MHz. This implies the consideration of the consequence of a possible technology move from CDMA to LTE in the 450 MHz band while not changing the previous balance with the requirements for other radio applications, especially for PMR/PAMR. Any necessary modifications of ECC deliverables should be elaborated.”
S: 22-05-2015
T: 01-03-2019

WGFM agreed to request compatibility and sharing studies from WGSE for the band 450-470 MHz on the basis of LTE technology to be used by land mobile systems in this band. Typical usage scenarios include the introduction of MFCN-like use in a PMR/PAMR environment, broadband PMR/PAMR using LTE technology as well as the PMR/PAMR use by the utilities sector for M2M/IoT mission critical wide-area networks (LTE based). In addition, WGFM agreed to send a liaison statement to ETSI to inform about the studies and, as a separate item, also informed ETSI about considerations on a future request on the development of spectrum access mechanisms in support of intra-PMR/PAMR systems spectrum sharing (co-frequent, with overlapping coverage areas).

The topic of narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) as currently specified in 3GPP (200 kHz LTE) has now gained much interest within CEPT, and many applications are being considered for this technology within the 400 MHz range. Hence, WGFM#85 in May 2016 decided that NB-IoT is considered as part of the technical studies for the 410-430 MHz and the 450-470 MHz bands.

In Progress
Last update: 15-05-2018
Rev. ECC Recommendation Revision T/R 25-08 SE07_27
Cross-border coordination guidance for land mobile systems in 29.7-470 MHz
S: 22-09-2015
T: 28-09-2018

WGFM#85 agreed a liaison statement to requests WGSE to consider a method to provide thresholds for the coordination of CDMA and LTE broadband systems in the 400 MHz band. The studies should take into account additional factors for the coordination of broadband systems with the aim to have relaxed coordination trigger levels for broadband land mobile systems in the 400 MHz ranges. Coverage aspect (so-called equal access possibilities in support of near border coverage) could be employed when having wideband or broadband systems on both sides of the border.

In Progress
Last update: 02-06-2018
Rev. ECC Decision Revision of ECC Decision (16)02 for the implementation of BB-PPDR in the band 410-430 MHz

Review and update ECC/DEC/(16)02 to include 410-430 MHz as an optional European harmonised band for BB-PPDR and to trigger the standardisation work in ETSI and 3GPP.
S: 16-05-2018
T: 05-07-2019

ECC/DEC/(16)02 does not cover the band 410-430MHz. ECC#41 in March 2016 decided to create a work item and tasked WGSE to perform compatibility and sharing studies complementary to ECC Report 240 for BB-PPDR systems operating in the frequency band 410-430 MHz.

WGSE#79 in London 2018 has approved the complementary studies for public consultation (draft ECC Report 283).

In Progress
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