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Reference PT1_01
Short Name PT1_01
ETSI Workitem
ETSI Deliverable
26 GHz ECC Decision

Related WI PT1_11
Scope ECC Decision on harmonised technical conditions for MFCN in 24.25-27.5 GHz taking into account 5G requirements
Deliverable ECC Decision
Responsible group ECC PT1 - ECC PT1
Start date 18-11-2016
Target date 04-06-2018
Public Consultation
Permanent Work Item False
Comments Channelling arrangements and least restrictive technical conditions (LRTC) for MFCN,suitable for 5G.

This will use the results of  sharing and compatibility studies with other services carried out in preparation for WRC-19 AI 1.13.

LRTC/BEM will be provided by SWG C.

Worked by
Contact Peter Faris ([email protected])
Status Finalised
Triggered By ECC#43 Nov 2016 (see ECC#43 minutes for a list of supporting administrations)
Progress Report