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Reference PT1_16
Short Name 26GHz_FSS_toolbox
ETSI Workitem
ETSI Deliverable
Subject Develop an ECC Recommendation to support “introduction of 5G while ensuring, in a proportionate way, the use of existing and planned FSS transmitting earth stations in the 26 GHz band and the possibility for future deployment of these earth stations”  

Related WI PT1_01
Scope To develop a technical toolkit in order to help administrations to define how existing,planned and future earth stations will continue to operate or have the opportunity to be installed without significant impact on 5G deployment

Deliverable ECC Recommendation
Responsible group ECC PT1 - ECC PT1
Start date 02-03-2018
Target date 02-03-2020
Public Consultation 05-07-2019
Permanent Work Item False

Triggeredby ECC PT1#57 (Dec ECC 26 GHz)

Keywords 26GHz, 5G, FSS
Worked by
Contact Peter Faris ([email protected])
Status Finalised
Triggered By ECC#47
Progress Report ECC#52 approved ECC Recommendation (20)01 for publication