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Reference SE19_39
Short Name WAS_60 GHz
ETSI Workitem
ETSI Deliverable
Subject To assess the feasibility of establishing a common set of technical conditions under which fixed service applications and other outdoor envisaged uses/applications may coexist within the 57 – 66 GHz range.
Related WI SRD/MG_44
Scope To study:

(1) Envisaged outdoor use cases/applications and their technical characteristics/requirements, including outdoor nomadic/mobile applications as appropriate.
(2) How these outdoor uses/applications through the use of appropriate mitigation measures can enable coexistence with fixed service applications, in uncoordinated manner and under a common authorisation regime
(3) Any practicable mitigation techniques to manage the interference environment, as appropriate, across the 57 – 66 GHz taking into account different considerations (e.g. practicality, propagation conditions etc.).

Deliverable ECC Report
Responsible group WG SE - SE19
Start date 29-09-2017
Target date 25-01-2019
Public Consultation
Permanent Work Item False
Comments PT SE19 to work in collaboration with SRD/MG and confer with other relevant parties on the candidate mitigation techniques (where appropriate). In particular, PT SE19 needs suitable elements for point 1 in the scope from interested administrations and industry.

This study should take into account ITS in 63-64 GHz, as set out in the CEPT Roadmap for 5G, item D.4. 
See also WG FM request in doc.SE(17)084

ECC Report 288 is published

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