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Reference SE07_29
Short Name RMR
ETSI Workitem
ETSI Deliverable
Subject Compatibility studies for the Railway Mobile Radio (RMR) systems in the band 2290-2300 MHz

Related WI FM56_1
Scope To perform technical compatibility studies for the impact on RMR (Railway Mobile Radio including GSM-R and Future Railway Mobile Communications System - FRMCS) in the band 2290-2300 MHz

Deliverable ECC Report
Responsible group WG SE - SE7
Start date 27-04-2018
Target date 30-09-2021
Public Consultation 30-09-2021
Regular Work Item False

Compatibility cases to be studied are detailed in the LS from FM to SE, doc SE(18)048:

ECC PT1 will define the least restrictivetechnical conditions (BEM) including potential EIRP restrictions for RMR toensure coexistence with MFCN base stations. See doc SE(18)049 FM LS to PT1:

Cooperation with ECC PT1 on MFCN.

Cooperation with SE24 on SRD inthe 900 MHz range.

Three ECC Reports are expected as outcome of this work item.

In order to have a complete answer to the EC Mandate on FRMCS, the technical studies should focus on 2290-2300 MHz. See doc SE(19)128_FM56 LS to SE7 and PT1

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Triggered By WG FM
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