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Reference FM56_1
Short Name Future Rail Radio

Spectrum Requirements for railways

Related WI SE07_29

Identify spectrum for the next generation radio system for railways.

Consider spectrum needs as well as the migration phase from GSM-R to the next generation system.

Deliverable ECC Decision , ECC Report , CEPT Report
Responsible group WG FM - FM56
Start date 03-02-2017
Target date 19-11-2020
Public Consultation 15-10-2018
Regular Work Item False
Comments The work item will be reviewed during the course of work in WGFM/FM56.
This work item is for the creation of ECC Reports in a first step and this activity may be followed by other deliverables (ECC Dec or ECC Rec).  

WGFM#90 in February 2018 agreed a liaison statement to request WG SE to perform technical studies on RMR (Railway Mobile Radio including GSM-R and Future Railway Mobile Communications Systems - FRMCS) in the 900 MHz range as well as in the band 1900-1920 MHz. In addition and related, a liaison statement to ECC PT1 was agreed in relation to the requirements from MFCN, seeking assistance from ECC PT1 to define the least restrictive technical conditions (BEM) required on RMR base stations in uncoordinated deployment in the aforementioned bands, including potential EIRP restrictions for RMR to ensure coexistence with MFCN base stations. 

2 CEPT Reports in response to the mandate (Report A: tasks 1 to 4, Report B: task 5)

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Contact Robin Donoghue (
Status In Progress
Triggered By Approved by WGFM#87

Mandate to CEPT on spectrum for the future railway mobile communications system
Progress Report ECC#46 (November 2017) decided:

The EC may wish to consider,taking into account the responses from MS to the RSC activities in relation with the possible adoption of the EC decision on SRD in the 800/900 MHz band, a list of technical questions relevant to the FM56 work item. FM56 considered these questions at its December 2017 and January 2018 meetings and provided the outcome to the WGFM meeting in February 2018. The draft answers to questions from the European Commission and National administrations related to the future spectrum use of GSM-R and the successor system to GSM-R were agreed by WGFM for submission to the ECC. ECC approved then the responses to the EC at its March 2018 meeting.

WG FM (September 2018):WG FM approved the new draft ECC Report 294 on the assessment of the spectrum needs for future railway communications for public consultation; WG FM agreed a liaison statement to ETNO and the GSMA with regard to railways sharing spectrum access with mobile network operators;WG FM endorsed the work plan for FM56 to answer the EC mandate on FRMCS. The tuning range 2290-2400 MHz was agreed to be included in the investigations.