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Reference FM44_37
Short Name GSO and NGSO ESOMPs in Ka band
ETSI Workitem
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Subject Revise ECC Decisions 13(01) and (15)04 and ECC Report 184

Related WI SE40_41

To revise ECC Decisions 13(01) and(15)04 in light of WRC-19 outcome on AI1.5 and in particular:

a)   update the technical and regulatory conditions for maritime ESOMPs to protect terrestrial services and allow use of Maritime ESOMPs in the entire 27.5-30 GHz band.

b)   allow use of Aeronautical ESOMPs in the entire 27.5-30 GHz band with existing technical conditions to protect terrestrial systems.

To revise ECC Report 184 accordingly

Deliverable Rev. ECC Report , Rev. ECC Decision
Responsible group WG FM - FM44
Start date 14-02-2020
Target date 23-10-2021
Public Consultation 28-05-2021
Regular Work Item False

Amended ECC Decisions

Amended ECC Report

The conditions for maritime ESIMs to protect terrestrial services mayhave to be updated with SE40 technical results through a 70 km minimum distance from the low-water mark rather than a PFD threshold or a combination of both.

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Contact Peter Faris (
Status In Progress
Triggered By Agreed by WG FM #95 in February 2020 with support of United Kingdom, Norway,Luxembourg, The Netherlands, France, Germany, Portugal.
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