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Reference SE21_25
Short Name 5G AAS in the field
ETSI Workitem
ETSI Deliverable
Subject Measurement methodologies for 5G AAS in the field
Related WI PT1_35
Scope Develop techniques and methodologies to determine or estimate TRP (with equivalent measurement metrics) by field measurements for both in-band and unwanted emissions (out of band domain and spurious domain) of 5G AAS. In order to facilitate checking compliance with national regulations and performing interference investigations.
Deliverable ECC Report
Responsible group WG SE - SE21
Start date 20-05-2020
Target date 31-01-2022
Public Consultation
Regular Work Item False
Comments Develop techniques and methodologies for measurement of 5G AAS in the field for the following:
1) In band signal evaluation (power limits, BEM)
2) Out of band emission evaluation 
3) Spurious emission evaluation 
To determine TRP or find a method to estimate TRP with other measurement metrics.
The determination of the TRP should also be used to evaluate the compliance with existing regulations (e.g. ERC REC. 74-01).

Laboratory measurements of 5G AAS as discussed in other groups (such as ECC PT1 or ITU-R WP5D) could be used for comparison / verification of the proposed methods of 5G AAS measurements in the field. It is recognised that additional a priori information on 5G AAS e.g. details of the antenna (e.g patterns)  are needed to develop or apply specific types of  methodologies for field measurements.
The TRP measurement techniques / methodologies may be evaluated compared with existing 5G AAS information and models. Differences in results between measurement  and models may raise the need for further work within ECC after the completion of this work. It is noted that the expertise on 5G AAS modelling is within ECC PT1.

WI to be done in cooperation with ECC PT1 and ECC FM22

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