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Reference PT1_35
Short Name AAS_modelling
ETSI Workitem
ETSI Deliverable
Subject Modelling of 5G AAS commercially available equipment

Related WI SE21_25

Investigate the modelling of 5G AAS(both in-band and unwanted domain) based on laboratory and other measurements as appropriate of commercially available equipment:

1) Assess existing models against measurements

2) Consider modifications to existing model if differences are seen

3) If modification is not feasible then develop new model

Deliverable ECC Recommendation , ECC Report
Responsible group ECC PT1
Start date 03-07-2020
Target date 02-11-2021
Public Consultation 02-07-2021
Regular Work Item False

ECC Report first, then if appropriate a Recommendation

This task should investigate the modelling aspects of 5G AAS:

1) in the in-band domain

2) in the unwanted domain

The model should cover the relevant aspects of real antenna system (e.g. grating lobes) based on the results of laboratory measurements of 5G AAS.

The WI to be done to provide technical support to SE21 in regards to WI SE21_25.

See also relevant work ITU-R WP5D.

WI to be done in cooperation with SE and SE21.

Keywords AAS, 5G
Worked by ECC PT1
Contact Peter Faris (
Status On Hold
Triggered By ECC#53 endorsing PT1 proposal.
Supported by: Austria, France, Germany, Norway, the Russian Federation, Switzerland and the United Kingdom
Progress Report ECC#56 agreed to put this WI on hold pending future contributions (see ECC(21)057 §12)