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Reference FM_57
Short Name MWSSc in 3.6-10.6 GHz
ETSI Workitem
ETSI Deliverable ETSI TR 103 730
Subject Low Frequency MicroWave Security Scanners (MWSSc) operating in 3.6-10.6 GHz range using UWB technology

Related WI SE24_76
Scope Scope out studies on the compatibility and technical feasibility of coexistence for the potential introduction of MWSSc based on UWB in the band 3.6 to 10.6 GHz with existing radio services in the frequency range and adjacent bands.

Deliverable Other
Responsible group WG FM - WG FM
Start date 10-06-2022
Target date 27-06-2025
Public Consultation
Permanent Work Item False

Fixed indoor and temporary fixed outdoor use of MWSSc based on UWB in the band 3.6 to 10.6 GHz will be considered.

WG SE is asked to check if limiting outdoor use to entrance of a building can have an influence in the different parts of3.6-10.6 GHz

Based on the technical studies from WG SE, WG FM will decide what type of deliverable (if any) would be suitable.

Keywords UWB, MWSSc
Worked by
Contact Robin Donoghue ([email protected])
Status In Progress
Triggered By Belgium, Germany, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom (WG FM #102)
Progress Report WG FM #106 in February 2024 extended the target date to June 2025 to reflect the target date of SE24_76.