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Reference SE24_76
Short Name MWSSc in 3.6-10.6 GHz
ETSI Workitem
ETSI Deliverable
Subject MicroWave Security Scanners (MWSSc) in 3.6-10.6 GHz using UWB
Related WI PT1_47
Scope Relevant studies on the use of MWSSc described in SRdoc ETSI TR 103 730 on a non-protected non-interference basis in the frequency range 3.6 GHz to 10.6 GHz. 
Deliverable ECC Report
Responsible group WG SE - SE24
Start date 07-10-2022
Target date 30-09-2025
Public Consultation 31-05-2025
Permanent Work Item False
Comments The passive band starting from 10.6 GHz is excluded from MWSSc in-band operation.
Ref: LS from WG FM (SE(22)099) based on the request from ETSI (SRdoc ETSI TR 103 730).

Keywords Security Scanner MWSSc SSc UWB SRD
Worked by
Contact Doriana Guiducci ([email protected])
Status In Progress
Triggered By WG FM
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