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Reference FM61_03
Short Name Higher power WAS/RLAN in 5945-6425 MHz
ETSI Workitem
ETSI Deliverable ETSI SRdoc TR103 524
Subject Higher power Wireless Access Systems including Radio Local Area Networks (WAS/RLAN) including the use of equipment with up to 4W e.i.r.p. in the 5945-6425 MHz frequency band using a dynamic spectrum usage coordination

Related WI SE45_05

Study the feasibility of introducing a dynamic spectrum access coordination function under which WAS/RLAN up to 4W could operate, while ensuring the protection of incumbent services (including their possible future deployment) in the 5945-6425 MHz frequency band and in adjacent bands. This work will include:

  • Define the technical and operational requirements for a dynamic spectrum access coordination function that enables an efficient and safe sharing between high power output RLAN and existing services (in band and in adjacent bands)
  • Based on the results of compatibility and coexistence studies, propose technical conditions for high output power RLAN that ensure the protection of existing services (in band and in adjacent bands)
  • Propose a regulatory framework to enable European and/or national implementation
  • Issues related to cross border coordination

Deliverable Other
Responsible group WG FM - FM61
Start date 10-06-2022
Target date 27-06-2025
Public Consultation 03-03-2025
Permanent Work Item False

The need for an ECC Report to be developed by WGFM may be considered at later stage, while the technical studies are to be done with a view that, based on the related conclusions, a harmonisation measure could be developed possibly as an ECC Decision and/or Recommendation.


This work should not introduce any changes to the existing regulations for LPI and VLP in 5945-6425 MHz.


The work should consider the current availability of equipment up to 4W e.i.r.p. and the benefits associated with aligning the technical regulations in other Regions outside Europe.


Supporting studies from WG SE will provide technical conditions to enable the implementation of a dynamic spectrum usage coordination function including the possible use of WAS/RLAN equipment up to 4 W e.i.r.p. to operate and coexist with existing services in the 5945-6425 MHz frequency band(FS, FSS) and in adjacent bands (RAS, CBTC, Road ITS), while ensuring the protection of those services. Specifically, the protection of the FSS, taking into account the aggregate effects of the additional terrestrial use, has to be ensured. This work should be based on the conclusions of ECC Report 302 as a starting point. RLAN to RLAN studies are not considered part of the scope of this WI.

The database(s)management will need to be addressed, including the questions regarding implementation, regulatory and technical conditions of those databases, as well as the question how the required functionality and performance when implemented in a device can be ensured. The work should also take noteof the previous work carried out in ECC Report 236 on implementation of databases.

Exchanges with ETSI will be necessary concerning the implementation of a dynamic spectrum access coordination, i.e. standard communication interfaces and database management framework.

Keywords WAS/RLAN, database, dynamic spectrum access coordination
Worked by
Contact Doriana Guiducci ([email protected])
Status In Progress
Triggered By France, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom
Progress Report
WG FM #105bis in October 2023 created its Project Team FM61 and agreed to assign the group this work item, changing its identity from FM_58 to FM61_03.
WG FM #106 in February 2024 extended the target date to June 2025.