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Reference SE45_05
Short Name Higher power WAS/RLAN in 5945-6425 MHz
ETSI Workitem
ETSI Deliverable
Subject Higher power Wireless Access Systems including Radio Local Area Networks (WAS/RLAN) with up to 4 W e.i.r.p. in the 5945−6425 MHz frequency band to enable dynamic spectrum access coordination
Related WI FM61_03
Scope Study technical conditions to enable the possible implementation of a dynamic spectrum access coordination function for WAS/RLANs in the 5945-6425 MHz frequency band, beyond what is permitted under ECC Decision (20)01. The work should cover the possible use of WAS/RLAN equipment in a range of power levels up to 4 W e.i.r.p. and should consider the protection requirements of incumbent services in the 5945-6425 MHz frequency band (FS, FSS) and in adjacent bands (RAS, CBTC, Road ITS). The analysis should consider the aggregate effects of this additional terrestrial use along with the protection requirements of FSS uplink.
Deliverable ECC Report
Responsible group WG SE - SE45
Start date 07-10-2022
Target date 31-05-2025
Public Consultation 31-10-2023
Permanent Work Item False
This work should be based on the conclusions of ECC Report 302 as a starting point. The technical studies should aim to clarify suitable protection criteria, propagation models, necessary information on stations of incumbent services to be protected that is required in order to determine suitable conditions that could be applied to make spectrum available locally for WAS/RLAN applications, up to 4 W e.i.r.p.

The work should also consider the technical characteristics of current equipment up to 4 W e.i.r.p. used in other Regions outside Europe and their applicability.

Keywords Higher power WAS/RLANs, Lower 6 GHz band, dynamic spectrum access coordination
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Contact Doriana Guiducci ([email protected])
Status In Progress
Triggered By WG FM
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