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Reference FM61_01
Short Name Revision of the ITS regulatory framework at 5.9 GHz
ETSI Workitem
ETSI Deliverable
Revision of ECC Decision (08)01 and ECC Recommendation (08)01

Related WI
Revision of ECC Decision (08)01 and ECC Recommendation (08)01 to allow 20 MHz (and possibly wider) channels following the request developed in ETSI SRdoc TR 103 853 and to clarify the technical conditions related to coexistence with applications in adjacent bands when appropriate.

Deliverable Rev. ECC Decision , Rev. ECC Recommendation
Responsible group WG FM - FM61
Start date 07-07-2023
Target date 29-11-2024
Public Consultation 28-06-2024
Permanent Work Item False

The revision should be based on existing studies and corresponding ECC deliverables.

The revision will be based on the current total power and psd limits, and it will take into account the need for compatibility with the 10 MHz channel raster for road ITS.
A new ECC Decision gathering ECC/DEC/(08)01 and ECC/REC/(08)01 may be considered.

Keywords ITS
Worked by
Contact Doriana Guiducci ([email protected])
Status In Progress
Triggered By Austria, France, Germany, Hungary, Norway
ECC #62, WG FM #105
Progress Report
WG FM #105bis in October 2023 created its Project Team FM61 and agreed to assign the group this work item.
This was previously assigned to SRD/MG as work item SRD/MG_53.