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Last update: 16-05-2017
Other EFIS Software Developments
To develop EFIS further to fulfil the requirements set out in respect of the ECC's strategic plan, spectrum inventory and EC Decision for EFIS
Regular Work item

WGFM instructs ECO to conduct software changes in the EFIS DB.

WGFM#88 (May 2017): action list for ECO and CEPT administrations endorsed

Programme for the ECO EFIS Workshop on 19 September 2017 endorsed

In Progress
Last update: 16-05-2017
ECC Decision Update ECC/DEC/(01)03
Update of list of EFIS application terms.
Regular Work item
A revision of ECC/DEC/(01)03 has been approved for public consultation in May 2017 at WGFM#88 in May 2017 for public consultation. 
In Progress
Last update: 16-05-2017
Other RIS Model Validation
EFIS/MG to validate RIS Models from originating PTs/MGs concerning compliance with the RIS Model template guidance and compatiblity with the EFIS DB.   
Regular Work item
EFIS/MG will collaborate with SE19 and it is expected that radio interface template information for fixed service applications will be included in EFIS and ECO Report 04.
In Progress
Last update: 16-05-2017
Other Supervise ECO Report 05 


ECO Report 05 on 'CEPT, ECC and EC deliverables - relation to application terminoly specified in ECC Decision (01)03 Annex 2'
Regular Work item
An update was endorsed by WGFM#88 in May 2017
In Progress
Last update: 16-05-2017
Rev. ECC Report Revision of ECC Report 180
To revise the ECC Report with guidance information for administrations with regard to new features in EFIS.
S: 21-10-2016
T: 09-02-2018
In Progress
Last update: 16-03-2017
ECC Report , Other

ECC Report on Feasibility Study oF ECO hosting a directory of E.164 numbers to facilitate contact between PSAPs in different countries.

EENA developed and hosts a directory of E.164 numbers of PSAPs in 15 European countries to support transnational emergency calls. On 10th April 2015 EENA wrote to the chairmen of WG NaN requesting the CEPT/ECC to consider taking over this directory to place it on a more formal footing. This request was brought to the ECC Plenary on the first available ECC Plenary (Helsinki, June 2015) for consideration. This meeting tasked WG NaN to further examine relevant aspects and report back to the ECC Plenary. At the following ECC Plenary meeting (Ghent, March 2016) WG NaN was tasked to produce and publish a feasibility report, in the form of an ECC Report, on this topic.

The report will

  • analyse the possible use cases for such a directory
  • investigate on the expected support from nationalPSAP authorities/operators in CEPT member states
  • draft the possible terms and conditions for PSAPparticipation
  • address aspects like costs, legal and practicalissues (e.g. liability and competition issues) of hosting such a directory andpotential risks and any other relevant aspects PT ES deems prudent forconsideration.
  • explain how the proposal for ECO management of sucha directory would be within the scope of ECC/ECO remits.
  • outline expected impact on NRAs, Ministries,national PSAP authorities and individual PSAPs, the ECC and ECO.
S: 10-04-2015
T: 01-06-2017

Formal request from EENA received. PSAPs and CEPT administrations have been surveyed in 2015 and the results were discussed at the last PT ES meeting (Stockholm 29-30 September 2015). The PSAP community broadly supportive of the initiative and the results of the questionnaire can now be used to inform the feasibility study. A fist draft of the feasibility study will be discussed at the next PT ES meeting (9-10 February 2015).

In Progress
Last update: 10-05-2017
ECC Report ECC Report - Provision of caller location information from private networks
ECC Report 225 concluded that a procedure should be established in order to be able to pinpoint the location of calls made to emergency services within corporate networks. This report willl examine the options, the problems and notably the legal issues as the regulatory framework in Europe does not apply to private networks.
S: 15-03-2017
T: 30-11-2018
Liaison with the European Commission required to fully develop the scope of the project.
In Progress
Last update: 16-03-2017
ECC Report Defining PSAP-side statistics to quantify the effectiveness of emergency caller location information received
ECC Report 225 concluded that statistical feedback from emergency services organisations and PSAPs is vital in order to determine the benefits that such solutions are providing and to derive targets for setting national criteria and implementing improvements.
S: 15-03-2017
T: 25-05-2018

This work item will follow on from the work on a harmonised approach to A-GNSS implementation and will require close collaboration with the emergency services organisations, equipment and solutions providers for PSAP operations.

In Progress
Last update: 07-02-2017
ECC Recommendation T/R 61-01 (CEPT Radio Amateur Licence), T/R 61-02(HAREC) and ECC/REC/(05)06 (CEPT Novice Radio Amateur Licence).

Maintenance of T/R 61-01, T/R 61-02 and ECC/REC/(05)06 as well as update of the FAQs file (placed on the RAFG webpage) on the interpretation of these Recommendations by the ECO.

Regular Work item
ECO is updating national information in T/R 61-01, T/R61-02 and ECC/REC/(05)06 from CEPT countries on request. 
In Progress
Last update: 17-05-2017
Rev. ECC Report European Common Allocation Table (ERC Report 25)

Update of ERC Report 25 (European Common Allocation Table)


Regular Work item

WGFM#88 approved the draft revised ECA Table for public consultation

In Progress
* Target dates are seen as the intended date for the final approval of the related deliverable by the responsible entity. Internal deadlines for project teams and dates for the start of Public Consultations can be reflected in the remarks column. In general this implies that the draft deliverable should be completed by the project team one WG meeting earlier for publication.
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